November 3, 2015

NASA may have found water on Mars

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NASA found something amazing on the planet Mars; they may have found a liquid on Mars. They think it may be water, but no one knows for sure if that is what it is. But NASA have a spectroscopy picture of dark streaks that have been observed on the surface of Mars. Late last week the agency trailed a “major science finding” from its ongoing exploration of the red planet- also being used to appeal to people on social media. They are using this article to appeal to young readers on twitter and Facebook to gain an interest in space exploration

NASA Finds What It Thinks Is Liquid Water On Mars | TechCrunch

The scientists used a spectroscopy technique to analyze the chemical composition of dark streaks (which NASA refers to as Recurring Slope Lineae or RSL) they had previously observed on the Martian surface. These streaks had been noticed to vary following temperature changes on the surface — leading to a hypothesis that the substance was water.


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