March 20, 2016

Hackers target Donald Trump, claim to leak his social security number

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Hackers describing themselves as an anonymous hacking group claim to have leaked Donald Trump’s personal information; including his social security number.  A Twitter account describing itself as devoted to Anonymous news claimed to leak Trump’s information Thursday, tweeting a link to a video blasting the Republican presidential front runner. A link to a file sharing site posted with the video purports to reveal Trump’s social security numbers and addresses, although the video link says that some information has been on the internet since last year. However, a prominent Anonymous account, which has 1.61 million followers, later downplayed the claim.  “Seems to be outdated information; take it with a grain of salt,” it tweeted. Another Twitter account, which describes itself as a voice of the hacking group, also claimed to leak Trump’s information via a file sharing site Thursday, including a cell phone number.  However, the site was described as “not a credible source” by the prominent Anonymous account, which then added that the information was outdated. The Trump campaign issued a statement saying that the authorities have launched an investigation. “The government and law enforcement authorities are seeking the arrest of the people responsible for attempting to illegally hack Mr. Trump’s accounts and telephone information,” it said. The FBI told FoxNews.com that it is aware of the matter at hand and is working jointly with the U.S. Secret Service. “Because this is ongoing, we are restricted from commenting further,” explained a spokesman, via email. Hacking collective Anonymous has already “declared war” on Trump, recently urging hackers to dismantle the GOP hopeful’s presidential campaign.

March 18, 2016

7 Secrets of Windows Task Manager every computer user should know

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  1. Launching Task Manager

It sounds basic, but a lot of people use more steps than needed to launch Task Manager. In fact, if you were asked to launch it right now, you’d probably hit the handy shortcut CTRL + ALT + DEL  and then select Task Manager from the list of options.

2. More advanced freeze fixing

Everyone was recently told how to fix a frozen computer. More often than not, however, it is a single program that is going to freeze on you. If you wait long enough, Windows will usually give you the option of shutting it down, but who wants to wait?

3. Before doing a full restart

On occasion, you’ll run into the situation where your programs aren’t frozen, but the Windows task bar and folders stop responding. If you wait long enough, sometimes Windows will send you a message that Windows Explorer has crashed and is restarting.

4. Find Program folders

There are times when you need to find the folder where a program or Windows process lives on your hard drive. You could spend many minutes hunting through the hard drive and Program Files and directories. An easier option is to run the program and then open up Task Manager.

5. Keep an eye on performance

Aside from tracking down trouble programs, Task Manager is a great place to keep an eye on your computer’s performance. You can see if a particular program is hogging to many resources, or realize you need to upgrade your RAM or get a faster hard drive.

6. Look up processes online

In Windows Vista and 7, if you want to check out a suspicious process, you need to open up a browser and type the process name to do a search. In Windows 8.1 and 10 simply right click on a process and select “search online” to instantly see what the internet knows about it.

7. Customize Task Manager

By default, Task Manager shows most people what they need to know. However, there are times you might want to know more.

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